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Managing angry feelings
          It requires mastering specific thought and action skills and then practicing these skills on a daily basis.
          Anger management is not about never getting angry. that would be an impossible and a ridiculous goal because angry feelings are “hard wired” in our brain and probably serve as a protective and survival function.
          Anger management is about learning how to regulate and express those natural angry feelings in a way that makes you a more effective human being.   
Advantages of managing anger
          Can have better relationships
          Can gain a better health condition
          More occupational success than those who manage their anger poorly
          Get more of their needs met without antagonizing loved ones or colleagues
Tools to control anger
          Recognize stress
          Developing empathy
          Respond instead of react
          Communicate assertively
          Adjust expectations
          Forgive – but don’t forget
How to make angry people relax
          Talk calmly
          Avoid speaking a lot
          Be funny
          Complement them
  • Avoid arguing with them


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